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Teeth whitening or bleaching is the use of chemical oxidizing agents, sometimes combined with the use of an external lighting source; to lighten tooth discolorations from aging, stains or just general discolorations.

Several types are available and we will help you to decide which fits your specific needs best. The professional staff at Dixie Dental & Denture Center is here to provide you the pros and cons of whatever type you choose so you can make an informed decision about your teeth.
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3 Types of Teeth Whitening That Work for You

There are three common types of teeth whitening for you to choose from. Whitening strips or brush on agents can be used for minimal stains or bleaching and cause the least amount of sensitivity.
Home bleaching is a stronger bleaching agent. We make trays that specially contour to fit your teeth and are applied daily for 1-2 weeks.
Zoom brand whitening is the strongest and most efficient bleaching available. This procedure is done in the office and with a special light source to get the best results.
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