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Dentures, also known as dental plates, can be defined as a set of artificial teeth. They can be used when a patient has lost real teeth on the mandibular arch, maxillary arch, or both.
Patients can become entirely edentulous, without teeth, due to severe malnutrition, genetic defects like dentinogenesis imperfecta, ineffective oral hygiene or trauma. Call Dixie Dental & Denture Center to get your dentures today!

Do I Need Dentures?

Dentures can help give the edentulous patient with better masticatory, chewing abilities as well as enhance the aesthetic appeal of their face by providing the illusion of natural teeth, providing support for their lips and cheeks; correcting the collapsed appearance commonly seen between the nose and the chin with the loss of teeth.
Call us today for same-day denture repairs or relines - we can provide this because of our on-premise dental lab.
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Same-day dentures are available. Lending Club Patient solutions are also available.
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